Who We Are

A coalition of communities, organizations, businesses, and individuals working to restore the Grand River.

This is where it all starts - the headwaters of Michigan’s longest river -- the Grand.   What we do here impacts over 250 miles of river downstream and the health of Lake Michigan.  Since 2003, the Upper Grand River Watershed Alliance has been working to protect and restore the Upper Grand Watershed, its lakes, streams, and wetlands.

Protecting a river involves a lot of different work - science, education, planning, clean-ups, and planting trees to name a few. Some of it's fun and high-profile, a lot of it is rather technical and behind-the-scenes. Find out more about how you can participate in our programs or in your own homes and communities.  You can also check our calendar for upcoming events.


The Upper Grand River Watershed Alliance is a coalition of individuals, businesses, municipalities, and organizations working together to protect and restore the headwaters of the Grand River, Michigan's longest river, its lakes, streams, and wetlands.


We envision a healthy river ecosystem that not only provides clean and plentiful water for all species but that is also the centerpiece of economic vitality for the communities along its banks.

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Partnering For Greater Protection

It's in our name: we're an Alliance.  We all affect, and depend on, the river in various ways: farmers, city residents, paddlers, fishermen and fisherwomen.  Similarly, it takes a lot of different people to effect change.  As such, the Alliance teams with a variety of partner organizations that work on farms, in cities, in the woods, and on dams and roads.  Some of our partners include: Jackson Urban Area MS4 Stormwater Committee,  Jackson County and City of Jackson Parks Departments, the Jackson County Wellhead Protection Committee, the Jackson County Conservation District, and Grand River Environmental Action Team.

Officers & Staff

Kenny Price

Geoff Snyder

Renee Mulcrone