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February 14-15 - Statewide

Michigan Free Fishing Weekend

Welcome to UpperGrandRiver.org!

Welcome to the Upper Grand River Watershed Alliance website. Here's a look at some of the educational, policy, and hands-on restoration activities planned for 2014:

    Our 6th Annual Winter Stonefly Hunt (February 16)
  • Stream investigations & landowner outreach to reduce bacteria levels in Albrow and Huntoon Creek (spring/summer
  • Dry-
    and wet-weather water quality
    sampling & dissolved oxygen
  • Our Spring and Fall Adopt-A-
    Stream Events
  • and more
This website, the calendar at
are our principal means of
communicating progress and
providing draft documents for
public review. Please check back
here frequently.

Thank you for checking us out. This
is a shared website for the Upper
Grand River Watershed Alliance, the
Jackson Michigan Urban Area MS4
Stormwater Committee, the Jackson
County Wellhead Protection
Committee, and the Jackson County
Conservation District's Upper Grand
River Implementation Project

Within this website you'll find
information about the Upper Grand
River, its beauty, the threats it
faces, and the individuals and
organizations that are working to
protect and restore the river.

Please let us know what you think.
We hope you'll want to learn more
and take part in restoring the

If you have questions, or
suggestions, or if you'd like to
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events and programs, please send us
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